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Santa Barbara Home Design Consultant Services


Initial Consultations...........$150/hr

As a home design consultant with 25 years of experience working with real estate investors, home buyers, home owners and the local architect, general contractor and remodeling trades.... I bring a unique perspective to initial consultations.

I have a consistent request for this type of design consultant service with Santa Barbara and Montecito residents, as it provides a "no strings attached" discussion on the wide range of options you have with regard to achieving your home or landscape design plans.

* Please Note: I have a 2 Hour Minimum for initial consultations, as well as questions related to obtaining more detailed information regarding materials, specifications and independent resources connected to the projects featured in my book.


Design + Consulting............$150/hr

My Santa Barbara Style Home Design and Consulting services include a range of options.

I design conceptual floor plans + additions, and consult with you on ideas that will help increase Santa Barbara curb appeal and home value.

I typically work with my clients on the front end of their project... helping them with early design ideas. Simple ideas and sketches can be communicated to your landscape installer or trades.

If you have a more sizable project that requires an architect, Santa Barbara builder, General Contractor and artisan trades... I can work with your team in transitioning those early ideas into a more substantial plan.

If you do not have these teams in place, I can introduce you to a wide range of independent trades that I enjoy working with.


I look forward to learning about your next project.

Feel free to give me a call at



Jeff Doubet

Also, visit my newer website for additional info on design services.





I offer a variety of different "A la Carte" Santa Barbara Style Home Design Services including:

Whole house design: new or remodel

Floor Plans for new, remodel or additions

Conceptual Renderings for Exterior changes to your home and landscape

On-site sketching and consulting

Interior Design: architectural details

Design Services are billed at $130/hr. *incl. drive time to/from project site.





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Santa Barbara Home Designer Services


Home Design Illustrations. $150/hr

I enjoy combining skills as an artist and a home designer to create hand drawn renderings of concept design proposals.

Before After renderings for Home Exterior Design

Landscape Design

Floor Plans

Interior Design renderings

Kitchen Design


These renderings can also be used as presentations to the Montecito Board of Review or the Santa Barbara Architectural Board of Review.


On Site Design/Sketching $150/hr
A niche market for my artistic and design skills is on site brainstorming sessions with clients.

Loose sketches enable you to visualize potential changes to your home and landscape before money is spent on permits, architects, and contractors.

The interactive, on site brainstorming and collaboration sessions allow you an immediate way to shape the vision as it is being sketched.

Interior space planning, exterior facade changes, and landscaping are all popular categories for this service.


Project Management..........$150/hr

I am available on a limited basis to help you work with your General Contractor and trades for the implementation of decorative elements.

With a background in design, materials and processes... I bring an artistic eye to the project management of the aesthetic details that you and your independent Architect, General Contractor and trades are creating.



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