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“A vivid image compels the whole body to follow…”  Aristotle

Old World Montecito and Santa Barbara Home Designer

Inspired by those before him, Santa Barbara Home Designer Jeff Doubet is an admirer of the 1920s and '30s Architectural Design Masters.

George Washington Smith, Lutah Maria Riggs, Wallace Neff and Addizon Mizner are some of classic designers that have made an impact on me, as well as the local history of Montecito and Santa Barbara architecture.

I enjoy designing my client projects in the timeless and romantic hand drawn rendering style that these fine folks also used to express their creativity during their design careers back in the 1930s.

I appreciate the nuances and the artistic craft of Classic Santa Barbara Design, Construction + Building Materials these masters were also very fond of.


I have been helping a wide range of Montecito and Santa Barbara clients design, and create the type of homes that will stand the test of time, and I hope you will consider my services for your next project.

Lastly, I can introduce you to a variety of licensed architects, engineers and contractors that continue to help my clients streamline the permit and construction phases of the project. 

I am comfortable collaborating with clients that already have these teams in place.

If you would like to schedule an affordable initial consultation, please contact me.

I look forward to hearing from you.



Jeff Doubet



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STORE + MORE The new resource for Spanish-style products. Jeff Doubet provides direct links to Amazon products that are shown within his Santa Barbara and Montecito Design Build projects. for more info on my Santa Barbara Home Design Studio and Hand Drawn renderings.





Direct link to Amazon products featured within Spanish-style homes and landscapes being designed and built in Santa Barbara and Montecito, California.


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